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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Despite the deletion of the app, the user is tracking the phone

The cab service provider was still tracking the location of the user after removing the obsolete app, after which the company has been threatened with removal from the app store. According to the New York Times report, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Ober CEO to remove it during a meeting. 

Actually, despite the deletion of the app, it used to track the iPhone Devices. Uber claims that this was done to avoid fraud. But it is a violation of Apple's safety rules because the users being tracked did not know about it. 

When Apple CEO got the information about this whole issue, he called the CEO of Uber and rebuked him. Explain that Uber tracks the device using fingerprinting and these fingerprinting was being cheated by drivers. 

In this case, the Ouber spokesman said, 'We do not track the user's location after deleting the app. This is done to avoid fraud and to install Uber app in the stolen phone. Similar technology is also used to detect and block the account of suspicious users by saving users' accounts.

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