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Sunday, April 23, 2017

This child is physically helpless to play videogame addiction, meets ribs with his hobbies

This 11-year-old child living in Indonesia, whose name is Teo Setriyo, is missing both hands and both legs from the body.
There was no strange game of kurta that it was born like this without arms. The 11-year-old boy does not have both hands and feet. But despite having no hands and feet, it is an addiction to something which is necessary for hands. Let me tell you that this innocent person is addicted to playing videogames. But due to compulsion, it plays video games with the help of ribs and chin. Not only does not just play, but also defeats its friends in this game.
The mother of Teo Setrio says that with love for anger, her son starts playing video games after bathing in the morning and keeps playing until her teacher comes and takes it to school. After coming to school, it re-plays videogame.
This child fighting physiological challenges is fond of his teachers at school. His principal says that even when he is in the second class, he solves the questions of fourth class maths, but that was not always the case. Earlier, he struggled with the feeling of insecurity due to his physical weaknesses. Struggled to make his identity among his colleagues. But with his affable nature and smile, he has become a favorite of everyone in school.
Teo's father explains that because of taking care of Teo, we can not go anywhere. If we work, who will take care of this child? Teo's mother tells that she was not aware of this condition of her child during her pregnancy and even after the birth of her son, she was not told that her child has both hands and feet. When they came to know, it became difficult for them to accept this position of their child. But after some time I accepted this situation in some way. Tio care has become a full-time job for me.

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